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Create your own pages and show them directly on your own website. Let your website visitors interact directly on your website under your own branding. We offer you solutions for your “Career Page”,“Course Listings”,“Product Market Place”,“News Articles”,“Promotions”,"Reviews" and other solutions for your Business. Business Solutions

Videos:- How To Use "Hozpitality" Website

Do you need help in understanding how the various sections on Hozpitality work? Watch our new step-by-step guide videos to make you familiar with how to use Hozpitality here: See Videos

Hospitality Interview Tips

Interviews can be daunting but we have a few hospitality interview tips that will help see you through and give you that extra bit of guidance that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Have you ever been on a job interview and you’re asked: do you have any questions for us? On the surface, this may seem like your chance to find out more about the company, but really, it’s still a part of the interview that’s actually focused on you.Read More

Tips for searching the right Hospitality Job

The time has passed when one person worked in one company or department all his/her life. People are more competitive and ambitious these days, they are more educated, have an acquainted amount of experience and talent which they bring to their workplace. Internet and technology have played a vital role; employees now keep themselves upgraded with the latest tech needed for their industry/role.Read More

Common Resume Mistakes & Resume Tips

Creating a winning resume is not easy. Employers and Head Hunters receive numerous numbers of CV’s on daily basis and especially if they have many open positions. To nail it and get the attention of the prospective employer/ Head hunter, make sure you have correctly written and well explained resume that catches the eye and you have more chances to receive the interview calls. Here are some suggestions how you can create a winning resume.Read More

CV Design

Whether you want to be considered for hospitality jobs in Gulf, hotel manager jobs in the U.S., or advertising jobs in the UK, your CV is your calling card, and it will make the initial, strongest impression on prospective employers. A CV is more than just a list of your skills and employment experiences; it’s an endorsement of your professionalism and credibility.Read More


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